Production Services


Full-service Video Production, ULTRA HD up to 8K. Distinguished Directors, award-winning Producers and versatile Videographers. Delivering Music Videos, Branded Content, Commercials, Short and Feature Films.


Full-service Photography Production. Prolific Photographers and pioneering Production. White Cyc Studio, lighting included. Artistic Direction, Location Scouting, Casting and Make-Up. Executing Editorial, Campaign, Lifestyle and Advertising.


Full-service Design Production, dexterous Designers and tenacious teams. Adobe specialists (Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop). Bold Branding, Web and App Development, Illustration and Graphic Design.

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"Talent is the energy force giving life to the studio creations.  From the Ether, this power is made manifest through the finest filmmakers, photographers and designers, each possessing a divine spark of creation."

Post-Production Services


8K Ultra HD Editing, realised in Final Cut Pro, Avid and Premier. Editors of Music Videos, Branded Content, Commercials, Short and Feature Films.


RGB, Grey Area, White and Color Balance adjustments in Adobe (Lightroom and Photoshop). Retouching Campaign Photography, Editorial, Advertising and premium Professional Images.


Color Balancing In DaVinici Resolve, Final Cut Pro and Premier. Grading Music Videos, branded Content, Commercials, Short and Feature Films.

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Levelling the playing-field, Transcended Visuals produces timeless video, photography, post-production and design, for clients seeking positive mental, emotional and spiritual impact. Unrivalled production value reaffirms the studio status as highly acclaimed.

Strategy Services

Pay Per Click

Google Ads setup and
optimisation. Reach new prospects with content-driven YouTube advertising. Social Media and YouTube setup, management and optimisation.

Social Media

Dedicated Social Media Management. Precedented partnerships with Musicians, Influencers and Artists. Campaign creation, analytics inspired automation and increased engagement.


Digital Distribution via trusted
global partners. Print Media and
Web Advertising in leading publications and platforms. Campaign creation combining Social, Digital and Print Media.

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Upholding The Equality Act of twenty-ten, Transcended Visuals ensures that every creative, regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, has equal opportunity and access to work.  Furthermore, is protected from discrimination, harassment and victimisation in the workplace.

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